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Today, there are so many betting sites available for players in the UK and across the world. Bettors have so many options available to them in so many varieties. However, adding to the plethora of sites available is also the proliferation of new betting sites.

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It simply means that bettors now have more and new exciting betting sites to place their bets or gamble. Therefore, if you have been on the quest to try a new betting site in the UK and have been uncertain as to where to start, this article is for you. Whether you are an amateur or an expert in sports betting, you are in for a fun time at these new betting sites.

In this review, you will learn about the best new betting sites currently operating and available in the UK.

What We Expect from The Best New Betting Sites

When we review new uk betting sites, there are some key factors and features we look out for before we add them to our list.

New Betting Sites UK

These include:

A Recognized Gambling Commission License

We expect a new betting site to have a legally recognized license from a gambling commission like the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. Having this legal backing ensures that a betting site provides proper security measures and responsible gambling options. 

Bonuses and Promotions Offered

Another feature we check for is whether these sites offer decent bonuses and promotions. For example, a new betting site should have a bonus offer that is available and easy to claim immediately after signing up. 


A new site should come with a wide range of markets with decent value odds. This should be available to satisfy every punter if they want to compete or stand a chance in the industry. 

Mobile Compatibility: Another critical feature we check out for is having a strong mobile product. No betting site will be taken seriously if this is not in place. This is because most bettors now find it more fun and comfortable to place bets via their mobile devices. 

Why Trust Us to Find the Best New Bookmakers?

Over time, we have been committed to reviewing new online bookmakers. Our primary objective has always been to find licensed and secured new bookies UK that suit the preferences of bettors. 

We don’t just recommend betting sites without thorough fact-checking and review. Hence, the reason we have a team of betting enthusiasts which comprises experienced bettors and other professionals in the industry. We also have an ex-sports journalist with vast experience in covering betting for major news publications.

Therefore, our list of recommended new sites will be as a result adequate scrutiny, checks and review. 

Our Rating System: How We Rank New Betting Sites

We have a rating system we use to rate every new betting site on our page. When we use this rating system to scrutinize brand new betting sites, some of them don’t cut. If they should make the list of new bookies online on our page, it means they were rated based on the following; 

  • License, Reputation and Security 
  • The nature of bonus and promotion offers 
  • Value of odds 
  • Mobile compatibility and betting experience 
  • The banking methods and processing speed 
  • Simple registration process 
  • Betting market coverage 
  • Customer Service 
  • Responsible Gambling feature 

How to Choose a New Betting Site

There are so many factors we consider when we want to choose a new betting site. These pointers will also help you make an easy decision when you want to choose your next new betting site. 

Offers & Promotions

A key part of the sports betting experience is the bonuses and promotions available. Thus, in selecting a new betting site, we ensure to check the quality of bonuses available at this site. So, we recommend a new betting site with easy-to-claim bonuses with no major restrictions. We ensure that these bonuses have the potential to increase your winnings. 

Betting Market Coverage

Every new online sportsbook usually comes with a wide range of betting markets that cut across different sports. So, the best new betting site would ensure you have the best, no matter what you are looking for. Even if your goal is to bet on popular sports. 

Mobile Betting Experience

In choosing the best new online sportsbooks, another important feature we look out for is the mobile betting experiences of these sites. The best betting sites should have downloadable apps for mobile users such as iOS and Android users. If this is not available, then they should have a mobile betting site that is easy to use on a web browser. In all, either a mobile app or a mobile betting site, the experience should be intuitive and seamless. Just like you can get on a desktop. 

Licensing & Security

This is one of the most important factors we have to consider in choosing our best new betting site. License and security are how we know whether a site is authorized and safe to use. Some sites without licenses and regulations are dangerous to use. Thus, we do our thorough research and ensure that our list of the best betting sites must be licensed by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC). This will ensure that they adhere strictly to the guidelines of the UKGC. 

Customer Support

Effective customer service should be a critical aspect of the best betting site. It gets better between the customer and the betting company if there are more available customer support channels. If there aren’t so many, having a channel that can reached to tackle issues is very important. The best betting sites should have a live chat, the handiest way to resolve issues or answer questions. Furthermore, there should also be the availability of email, toll-free phone numbers, and even social media handles where customers can also reach them. 

Live Betting Options

Live betting or in-play betting is a compulsory product a best new bookie should provide. Bettor on a new betting site should be able to follow live updates from an event. You should also be able to access in-play statistics. It also gets better and better if there is also a live-streaming feature. Also, under this live betting feature, the best new bookmaker should have a generous cash-out value and an unrestricted range of in-play markets. 

Betting Odds

The best new online sports betting sites can’t afford to offer decent and favourable odds. Thus, we ensure that we compare their odds with that of the established betting sites. If these odds are below par, it is not an encouraging score for a new bookie. Punters naturally want the best value. Thus, betting on a site with low-ball bettors becomes a waste of time. 

Payment Options

A wide range of payment options 

Any new online sports betting site that is fully licensed and regulated must have a wide range of payment options available to customers. There should be popular and secure payment options like Visa, Mastercard, and e-wallets such as Trustly, Neteller, PayPal, Skrill etc. Also, deposits should be instant and withdrawals should be able to get completed within 48 hours. 

What Are the Newest Betting Sites in the UK?

New Betting Sites UK

New betting companies are being released in the UK today. However, the following consists of the newest betting sites available in the UK currently:

  • BetGoodwin: It was launched in January 2022
  • Luckster Sport: This bookmaker was founded and released in February 2022’ZetBet Sport: The sportsbook joined the list in February 2022
  • Xtremewin: Another sports betting site that was launched in September 2022
  • Bzeebet: It was released on January 2023
  • TalkSPORT BET: This came into the limelight in January 2023 
  • Pub Casino Sports: This betting site was released in February 2023

New Sports Betting Sites vs. Established Bookies

Of course, since you have so many sports betting sites available, you can easily become curious as to which is better and why. Thus, if you are still trying to find out whether a new betting site is the way to go, this section is just for you. We have done some pros and cons review of choosing a new site over an established bookie. However, in our review, we recommend that it is best you make use of the two betting sites. You can claim more bonuses this way and also get the best out of these two worlds. Additionally, you also get more options for the best odds on any market. 

New Online Betting Sites

The following are the pros and cons of new online gambling sites;


  • Captivating bonuses and promotions 
  • New interfaces and innovative features 
  • Mostly cater to niche sports like Esports, for example to CS:GO betting


  • Not many track records 
  • Sometimes lacks effective customer service 

Established Bookies

The following are the pros and cons of established bookies;


  • Have built a reputation over the years 
  • Mostly offer a broader range of markets 
  • Confronted with minimal technical issues 


  • Sometimes slower to adopt new technologies 
  • Can lack innovative features and promotions 

The Importance of Safety for New Bookmakers

We would again stress the fact that it is unsafe to register with new bookmakers who are unlicensed and unregulated. Be aware that the UK Gambling Commission is responsible for regulating betting companies and also holds the authority to revoke a gambling license as punishment for breaches of conduct and regulations. 

A licensed new bookmaker is already on the path of safety and security. So as not to fall short of the rules of the gambling commission, they ensure to safeguard your data from third parties. Furthermore, these new sites also provide responsible gambling features and information on their site. It is also a commitment to help bettors keep their betting fun and also under control.

New Horse Racing Betting Sites

A plethora of the latest betting sites do not offer horse racing. However, recently launched new betting sites have incorporated horse racing into their product offerings. Some of the best new bookmakers for horse racing include the following; 


  • It offers worldwide racing coverage 
  • Features regular promotions
  • It also offers competitive odds 


  • It offers competitive odds
  • Gives a refund of up to 25
  • It is horse racing-focused 
  • It offers regular racing promotions 
  • Licensed and trusted brand 

Virgin Bet

  • Players get 20 in Free Bets 
  • Simple and appealing website and app
  • It offers regular price boosts 
  • Very competitive odds 
  • There is also horse racing live streaming 

New Football Betting Sites

Football betting is arguably the most offered and popular in the online sports betting industry. It is very unlikely not find football betting in any online bookmaker. Almost all of them offer odds on football matches and competitions. 

The only difference between these sites is that these betting sites differ in their offerings and odds. That is, some are better than others in some ways. Hence, the reason you have to give it some thought before you select a betting site to place your football bets. 

We have a plethora of established bookmakers with great offers and choices when it comes to football betting. These include the likes of Bet365, William Hill and several others. However, there are also new football betting sites that are emerging and some of them offer more. That is, better odds, football betting offers, live streaming of football matches, additional football betting markets and price boosts. 

Thus, below are some of the best new football betting sites currently launched and available;


  • It offers a boost feature on bets 
  • Gives 20 when you bet 10
  • Feature an impressive mobile app


  • It offers competitive football odds 
  • Gives up to 50 in free bets 
  • It provides regular football promotions 

LiveScore Bet 

  • Gives 20 when you bet 10
  • It provides regular football promotions 
  • It is a football-focused bookie 

New Cricket Betting Sites

If you are a fan of cricket betting, you will surely get a wide range of options if you are looking for a betting site that offers odds on the sport. There are lots of new betting sites that generally offer cricket matches. The only difference is that some may cover competitions and leagues others don’t cover. 

Furthermore, these new betting sites also offer cricket bonuses and promotions such as boosted odds, match-specific offers and refunds. All of these are offered as welcome offers and they are often worth taking up. Also, you will find different betting bookies offering unique odds on the cricket market. So, you might have to carefully look out for the best odds and compare with those available at the more established bookies. 

The following are some of the best new cricket betting sites;


  • It offers competitive odds 
  • Players get 10 when they bet 10
  • Gives regular cricket promotions 


  • It offers a wide range of cricket markets 
  • There are regular promotions 
  • It offers competitive odds 


  • It offers great odds 
  • There are so many crickets offers 
  • Players get 10 when they bet 10

New Mobile Betting Sites

New Betting Sites UK

It will be terrible if new betting sites have no mobile compatibility. The reason is that smartphones have become a very essential part of our everyday living, including betting. Because of this understanding, the vast majority of bookies now place bets using mobile devices. Punters find it easier and less stressful to place their bets while on the move and so several betting sites have had to adapt. That is, to make their websites mobile-friendly. 

However, not all betting sites are mobile friendly and not all mobile friendly are user-friendly as well. Some mobile betting sites are slow to load and even difficult to navigate on smaller screens.

Nevertheless, some betting sites have done otherwise by making their website well-configured and optimized for mobile devices. Some also offer dedicated mobile betting apps and that itself eliminates the need to regularly and manually log in or input the web address into the browser. 

The following are some of the new mobile betting sites available:

LiveScore Bet 

  • Gives £20 when you bet £10
  • It provides regular football promotions 
  • It is a football-focused bookie 


  • It offers a boost feature on bets 
  • Gives £20 when you bet £10
  • Feature an impressive mobile app


  • Mobile-responsive website 
  • It also has a mobile app

Signs of Suspicious New Betting Sites

Now, when reviewing new betting sites, there are three most critical red flags we take note of. Although, it doesn’t necessarily mean these sites conduct murky businesses. However, they indeed raise suspicions. 

Connection of the management to shady operators

There have been several instances where a bookmaker has gathered a hefty sum through deposits, only to cite unreasonable excuses for non-payment. Their next move typically involved setting up a fresh gambling website and then repeating the same process. 

Consequently, we make it a point to thoroughly scrutinize the management team of any new online betting sites. The moment we discover any links to fraudulent bookmakers, we immediately inform our audience.

Controversy about the licensing authority

New online betting sites that have received licenses from offshore authorities will be subject to more detailed scrutiny. Bookies who have been licensed by authorities like Curacao or Costa Rica will undergo this scrutiny as some scam bookies have operated in the past under these licenses. 

Furthermore, we would also go to the length of checking the betting site’s platform. Thus, things like the budget invested and players’ feedback will be what we primarily pay attention to on the site. 

Agents and individual bookies

The fact is that private operators do not possess official licensing or oversight from any legal authority. They may pose as ‘representatives’ of prominent bookmakers, but that’s often not the reality. Their strategy is usually to present attractive odds and betting incentives to attract bettors and by extension, gather deposits.

Thus, even though we receive frequent inquiries from private bookmakers and agents, we have decided not to feature them or list them. We made this decision because their operations have no legal backing or gambling license.  

How new bettors can get started with online betting

The first thing you will need to get started with online betting is to select your preferred new betting website. You can do that with our list of recommended best new betting websites. These sites offer unique features such as bonuses, markets and several other betting features. Therefore, you might need to take your time to find that one bookie that picks your interest. 

Once you have been able to make a bookie choice, the next thing is to find your way to the site’s registration page and create an account right away. In doing this, you will need to provide basic information like your name, email and home address. If you are considering these new betting sites that we have recommended, most of them would require age verification. This is to ensure that you are at the legal betting age, which is 18 and above. 

After a successful registration, you are free to deposit funds into your account. There are a plethora of payment methods available at these new online bookies. These include the likes of debit cards, bank transfers and e-wallets. You just need to make a choice and make your deposit with the selected option. Also, take note that most of the new betting sites give match deposit welcome offers. Therefore, do well to read the T&Cs before accepting these offers. 

Now that you have funded your account, you can now place your first bet. Find a market that interests you and decide on the amount you want to stake. Once decided, you can confirm your bet. If your prediction score is correct, the betting site will credit your winnings to your account balance. It is ready for withdrawal or for another future bet or bets. 

The Best New Betting Sites: In Summary

This article and review should have helped you gather the necessary information to make confident choices for a new sports betting site UK. With this guide, don’t hesitate to carefully prioritise the features you know suits your style. 

Also, the new betting sites discussed in this review are reputable and licensed, no matter the type of new betting sites you are looking for. Thus, you are surely in good hands when you decide to select any and gamble there. 

New Betting Sites FAQs

Which new betting sites have free bets?

Every betting site recommended on this page provides free bets to both new and current customers. Among these betting sites, Bzeebet stands out as an excellent choice for those seeking free bets. It offers what is known as ‘Free Bet Thursdays’, and it is designed specifically for frequent accumulator bettors.

Are new betting sites secure?

While it is a known fact that not all new sportsbooks can guarantee security. However, new betting sites holding licenses from the UK Gambling Commission to operate in the United Kingdom are one to be sure about. The license from such a recognized authority ensures that these new betting sites adhere to regulations and also ensure the security of their customers.

What are the best new betting sites in 2023?

The recommended new gambling sites UK in our article are our picks for the best new betting sites in 2023. 

How long does it take to open a new betting account?

Signing up at a new online betting site for an account is generally an easy, simple and quick procedure, usually requiring about 10-30 minutes. You would only be required to provide personal details, configure necessary security precautions, and carry out identity verification requirements by the regulations laid out by the UK Gambling Commission. Occasionally, it may take a few additional minutes for the bookmaker to validate your identification.

How often are new bookmakers launched in the UK?

Newest online bookmakers are always emerging into the gambling market in the UK. With their proliferation every year, it suffices to say that it is possible to see around 20 to 30 new betting sites every year. 

Which is the most trusted UK Betting Site?

Every top betting site featured in this article holds a license from the UK Gambling Commission. Furthermore, we’ve personally put each one to the test, ensuring their reliability and trustworthiness.

What deposit methods are available with online bookmakers?

Any online bookmaker that is fully licensed and regulated must have a wide range of payment options available to customers. There should be popular and secure payment options like Visa, Mastercard, e-wallets such as Trustly, Neteller, PayPal, Skrill etc

What information do I need to open an online bookmaker account?

To open an account, you will need to provide your name, address, and email address. Some also ask for your phone number. 

How long does it take to open a new betting account?

Creating a new betting account usually requires just a few minutes. This is possible if you possess all the required documents. Nevertheless, the verification procedure might lengthen this duration, as new UK betting sites demand identity verification to comply with regulations.

Which new betting sites are good?

All the new betting sites listed in this article are good. They all offer decent and unique features that you can enjoy. 


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