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At UK Betting, we are committed to promoting responsible gambling practices. Our priority is the safety and well-being of our users, ensuring that gambling remains an enjoyable and safe leisure activity. We take steps to prevent young individuals, children, and vulnerable individuals from being negatively impacted or exploited by gambling, particularly in terms of gambling advertisements.

While most individuals view gambling as an entertaining pastime, it’s important to recognize that for some, it can lead to loss of control. We believe in fostering awareness of responsible gambling practices and encourage you to always bet in a safe and responsible manner.

This page is dedicated to offering guidance on responsible gambling and ways to mitigate the potential harms associated with problem gambling. It also provides information on where to seek additional assistance and support if needed.

Understanding Problem Gambling

Problem gambling refers to gambling that has harmful effects on you, your family, or your daily life. According to a survey conducted by YouGov for the charity GambleAware, up to 2.7% of adults in the UK (approximately 1.4 million individuals) experience problem gambling.

Although problem gambling doesn’t exhibit physical symptoms, its negative impact can affect various aspects of your life.

Signs of Problem Gambling

Identifying whether your gambling habits are turning problematic can be challenging. Here are some warning signs to be aware of:

  • Frequently thinking about gambling
  • Wagering more money than intended or affordable
  • Emotional distress due to gambling losses
  • Urgent need to continue gambling to recover losses (known as ‘chasing’)
  • Difficulty reducing or quitting gambling
  • Gambling to escape life’s problems
  • Concealing the extent of time and money spent on gambling
  • Stealing money to fund gambling
  • Gambling interfering with work, relationships, or home life

Preventing Problem Gambling

If you suspect your gambling is becoming problematic or if you seek professional guidance, there are numerous services available to assist you. Follow these steps to gamble more responsibly:

  • Only gamble within your budgetary limits; set a budget for yourself.
  • Be mindful of the time you spend gambling and take regular breaks, even when winning.
  • Maintain a balance between gambling and other activities in your life.
  • Avoid chasing losses; take breaks and return on another day.
  • Refrain from gambling when agitated, depressed, or under the influence.
  • Seek support from problem gambling organizations if needed.

Tools for Responsible Gambling

Several tools are accessible to help you manage your gambling activities responsibly:

  • Deposit Limits: Set daily, weekly, or monthly deposit limits to control spending.
  • Cooling Off Periods: Take enforced breaks from gambling with cooling off tools for up to 30 days.
  • Profit & Loss Records: Some bookmakers offer records of your wins and losses over a period.
  • Reality Checks: Receive reminders at intervals to track your gambling duration.
  • Self Exclusion: If gambling becomes problematic, self-exclusion helps you temporarily quit.

Support Services

If you believe you or someone you know is dealing with problem gambling, there are organizations that provide assistance:

  • GamCare: A nonprofit organization offering assistance and counseling for gambling-related issues.
  • Provides confidential support for individuals concerned about gambling.
  • Gambling Therapy: Offers help and treatment for those dealing with gambling-related problems.
  • Gamblers Anonymous: A support network for individuals struggling with gambling addiction.
  • Gam-Anon: Provides support for friends and family of individuals with gambling issues.
  • The Samaritans: Offers emotional support for individuals in distress.


Responsible gambling is a shared responsibility. At UK Betting, we prioritize your well-being. Remember to gamble for entertainment and set limits to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. If you suspect problem gambling, seek help from the resources mentioned above. Our goal is to promote a safe and enjoyable gambling environment for everyone.


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